Golden Sands resort is situated 19 km from the city of Varna. Golden Sands is the largest resort on the Bulgarian Northern Black Sea coast. It was declared a protected territory in 1943. Golden Sands tourist complex covers a territory of 177,13 hectares. Thus the larger part of the park is preserved in its natural state, untouched by human hand. The proximity of the sea, the mild climate and the sea breeze have influenced strongly the flora and fauna in the park which is why it differs greatly from the other national parks.

Golden Sands is the winner of a “Blue Flag” – a prestigious international award for environmentally clean resorts. The resort’s beach strip is 3,5 km. long and up to 100 m wide. The average air temperature in Summer is 27-30 degrees and the water temperature is 25-28 degrees. Golden sands suits both sun-worshippers and sightseers being nearby Varna – the third largest town in Bulgaria, the pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast with a great number of places of interest. The resort has wonderful conditions for recreation, entertainment, sport and spa treatment.

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This is Bulgaria’s third largest city, a large port, and an important cultural, trade and industrial centre. Founded in the 6th century BC, the city boasts lots of remains from Roman and Byzantine times.

Varna is rightly known as the “capital city” of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Its location on the Northern shore of the Black Sea, along with its richness in natural resources make it one of the famous resorts Europe wide, definitely the largest one in the Black Sea region. The harbor is the largest in the country, there is an international airport, a railway station and active transport communication to the inner part of the country.

In Varna it is worth visiting the Archeological museum with one of the richest exhibits in Bulgaria and the oldest gold in the world, the Revival museum, where a valuable collection of icons is held, the Ethnographical museum located in a Revival period house. The Roman thermal baths (2nd – 3rd century) are the biggest ever found in Bulgaria. Also of interest could be visiting the Revival clock tower of 1880, as well as the cathedral of the Assumption in the center of the town.

Well known as a resort for decades Varna offers excellent conditions for recreation, entertainment and sports.


Bulgaria is a part of the Balkan Peninsula in South Eastern Europe. The state of Bulgaria was founded in 681 AD and has a long and impressive history. Since January 2007 Bulgaria is a member of the European Union.

Here are some facts about Bulgaria:

  • The oldest crafted gold in the history of mankind is found here
  • Of the 300 cultural and natural sites in the UNESCO List of World Heritage, nine are in Bulgaria.
  • Bulgaria is the country of yoghourt – the food of the centenarians.
  • The world’s perfume and cosmetics industry could not do without the Bulgarian attar of roses – the Bulgarian oleaginous rose yields 80% of the world’s production.
  • Small Bulgaria is one of the world’s largest wine producers together with France, Spain, Italy and Greece.

Bulgaria is a beautiful mountainous country, with tourism opportunities being one of its biggest assets. Bulgaria possesses beautiful landscapes and beaches. The Black Sea Coast on its East border is famous for its fine sanded beaches, and perfect temperatures of water and air.